Ukrainians residing in the TOT can request a temporary certificate of Ukrainian citizenship through their family members or legal representatives

Опубліковано 26 February 2024 року, о 14:04

Many citizens in TOT or territories of hostilities have not received passports. 

The government approved a pilot project. Ukrainians in the TOT can apply for a temporary Ukrainian citizenship certificate through family members or legal representatives. The document can be issued without the person in the TOT being present. However, if a family member or legal representative is applying for a document on behalf of someone in the TOT, they must be in a government-controlled area.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the relevant project. The Coordination Headquarters decided to develop it for the departure from the TOT.

According to the procedure, the SMS will issue a temporary certificate of Ukrainian citizenship based on applications:

– one of the parents (adoptive parents);

– guardians, trustees, or other legal representatives;

– one of the spouses;

– adult child or grandchild;

– sibling (full or half) brother/sister;

– an official request from the Ministry of Reintegration.

Individuals who are eligible to receive a temporary certificate of citizenship in Ukraine include:

– Individuals who have lost their Ukrainian passport, but for whom information regarding the issuance of a passport (including a foreign passport) is available in the Unified State Demographic Register or in the departmental SMS system.

– Persons under 18 years of age for whom there is no information in the register or the departmental system of the SMS.

The government will issue a temporary certificate of citizenship to Ukrainian citizens free of charge. The certificate will be issued within 15 working days of submitting the application form.

The SMS or the Ministry of Reintegration will send the completed document to the appropriate territorial body for delivery to a legal representative or family member.

The representative will give the document to the person who received the temporary certificate.