IDPs need more affordable housing programs

Опубліковано 4 March 2024 року, о 9:58

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk emphasized this at a meeting on the realization of housing rights for certain categories of internally displaced persons.

During the meeting, participants discussed the implementation of housing programs for internally displaced persons. They also watched a presentation on relevant social projects.

The State Agency for Youth and Housing representatives report that Ukraine has a program for preferential mortgage lending for IDPs. The program is funded by a grant from the German Government through the KfW. IDP families can purchase housing at an interest rate of 3% per year, with a loan term of up to 30 years.

During the first phase of the program, nearly 1,500 IDPs were provided with shelter. The preparations for the launch of the second phase of the project are currently being finalized.

A pilot project has been implemented since 2022 under CMU Resolution No. 495. The project provides for the social lease of temporary housing based on a free rental agreement. IDPs and people whose housing was destroyed as a result of military aggression can take advantage of the project.

The program purchased 60 apartments in four regions of Ukraine: 12 in Sumy region, 8 in Zhytomyr region, 19 in Kyiv region, and 21 in Chernihiv region.

This year, 9 additional regional programs are being implemented to assist internally displaced persons with housing.

There should be more affordable housing programs for IDPs. Effective cases include the program of preferential mortgage lending, which has shown its effectiveness and needs to be scaled up. To achieve this, we will work to attract additional financial resources and address our international partners. Iryna Vereshchuk stated this.