The United States has joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children Deported by russia

Опубліковано 9 March 2024 року, о 11:23

The US has joined the coalition to aid the safe return of Ukrainian children who were illegally deported or forcibly displaced by russia. The US Department of State announced this on their website.

The state confirmed its support for the ‘Joint Declaration on the Establishment of the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children,’ which was previously released by Canada and Ukraine.

This document states that the members of the International Coalition are committed to supporting a just solution to the situation of illegally deported children: 

– Express support for the principles of Paragraph 4 of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Peace Formula, particularly the Bring Kids Back UA Action Plan.

– Make every effort to return Ukrainian children to international best practices and support their reintegration and reunification with their families or placement in family-based care based on the child’s best interests.

– The organization offers humanitarian, medical, and psychological aid to children and families affected by illegal deportation and forced displacement by the russian federation.

– Assist in bringing to justice, by international law, those responsible for organizing the illegal deportation and forcible transfer of Ukrainian children.