Social protection specialists can join the personnel reserve for work at the DOT

Опубліковано 15 March 2024 року, о 17:15

The Government has approved a resolution titled ‘On Approval of the Procedure for the Formation of a Personnel Reserve of Social Protection Workers to Work in the De-occupied Territories of Ukraine’. This resolution establishes the mechanism for creating the respective reserve.

This text describes the structural units and institutions of social protection established in the DOT or resuming work in such areas with qualified personnel. This will facilitate the provision of social services and ensure the functioning of the social protection system in such areas.

The automated information system ‘Personnel Reserve of Social Protection Specialists for Work in the De-occupied Territories of Ukraine’ will be used to form the reserve by entering information about specialists electronically.

Such changes are expected to impact positively:

– even distribution of the workload on social protection specialists;

– the quality and accessibility of services for citizens in this area.

The Ministry of Reintegration thanks the Ministry of Social Policy team for developing the draft resolution with a constructive and comprehensive approach to the future de-occupation of the territories.