Lviv now has Ukraine’s first rehabilitation center for both veterans and civilians

Опубліковано 26 March 2024 року, о 14:03

Individuals who were affected by the war and have already received physical rehabilitation at the Unbroken Center are now adjusting to their new living conditions. The Lviv City Council website reported this.  

After receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center, individuals are transferred to a habilitation center.

In the former, patients receive comprehensive and qualified medical care. In the latter, they spend three weeks learning to be independent and working on their psycho-emotional state with the help of coaches, psychologists, and physical therapists.

The process for veterans and wounded civilians at home is similar. They cook their meals, go shopping, and use public transportation.

It regularly organizes lectures, master classes, and trips to cultural events.

The habilitation center covers an area of 660 square meters and includes 9 rooms, 6 of which are inclusive, and 27 beds.

The center is expected to serve approximately 300 people within a year. The center is situated at 86B Stryiska Street.

The Lviv Habilitation Center, created by the Alliance for Public Health in partnership with the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN, is an initiative aimed at providing rehabilitation services.