Pension and social benefit recipients at Oschadbank who have been identified can now use their bank cards

Опубліковано 8 April 2024 року, о 17:23

This applies to people who were registered as displaced before February 24, 2022.

Representatives of the Coordination Headquarters for Ensuring the Rights and Freedoms of Internally Displaced Persons chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk discussed the issue at a weekly meeting.

Currently, the procedure for unblocking the cards of these citizens is only available via Viber. For the first 59 applications submitted by the Pension Fund of Ukraine for processing by March 27, 2024, video identification has commenced to remove the limits. In this regard, Oschadbank has reported that it was able to contact almost 30 of the bank’s clients whose cards were eventually unblocked.

Oshchadbank has already received approximately 300 requests from internally displaced persons (IDPs) to unblock their cards, which were submitted to the Ministry of Reintegration’s 1548 hotline and the Donbas SOS NGO.

Oschadbank is currently evaluating the potential for expanding its channels for contacting customers in the TOT. The bank also considers the needs of individuals with visual or hearing impairments when conducting video identification, engaging a sign language interpreter or personal assistant as necessary.