What if you’re trapped with your child in the rubble?

Опубліковано 17 April 2024 року, о 13:19

Experts from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine guided how to respond to such a situation.

First, make sure the child is okay and help them calm down. Hug them or hold their hand. Also, ask them to breathe deeply with you.

If your child is upset, have them hold their saliva in their mouth and make chewing and swallowing motions. This will help them calm down.

If the child is under the rubble alone: 

– call her to see if she is conscious;

– ask how she is feeling: if she is in pain, if she can move her arms and legs, etc;

– Keep in touch with the person: tell them different stories and recall joyful moments together. Reassure her that help will come.