Together, we bring Ukrainian children home

Опубліковано 19 April 2024 року, о 12:39

The Ministry of Reintegration and the Ukrainian Child Rights Network returned 17-year-old Myroslava from russia.

In 2014, she lost her parents. A year and a half ago, the girl was sent from the temporarily occupied territory to russia against her will to study.

She lived in a dorm and was on her own. Meanwhile, she tried to find someone to support and help her.

People who cared told Ukraine where she was. This was the saving grace. The Ukrainian Child Rights Network and the Ministry of Reintegration helped her return as part of the Way Home project.

We kept in close contact with her throughout the journey, including on the route. After four days of arduous travel, she has finally arrived in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Reintegration extends its sincerest gratitude to Daria Gerasymchuk. She is an Advisor to the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Ukraine in Belarus, the Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin, the Kovel District State Administration, and the State Border Guard Service. We would like to extend our gratitude to Daria Kasyanova, Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Child Rights Network.

If you see children being taken to the TOT or Russia, report it to Natalia Yemets at (050) 562-03-13. You can also call the Ministry of Reintegration on 15-48 or the National Information Bureau on 16-48.