From raincoats for the military to clothes for brands: the success story of an IDP from Luhansk Oblast

Опубліковано 5 May 2024 року, о 13:56

Dmytro Kosilkin is from Lysychansk. He made clothes and hats for kids from natural materials.

He and his family left the city because of the invasion and moved to Dnipro.

Furthermore, he began operations from the ground up. Initially, he manufactured raincoats for the military. However, he aspired to return and resume the full-scale operations of his shop.

To increase production and expand the range of products, he needed new equipment. He applied for a grant from USAID.

The grant was approved. The entrepreneur got a laser machine, overlocks, a heat press, and other equipment. This made it possible to cut material automatically and improve quality. Production time and orders increased.

It employs five people. They make bags and handbags for humanitarian kits, vests, T-shirts, and other products. They also make custom clothes for brands.