A 17-year-old boy came back from the occupied territory

Опубліковано 15 May 2024 року, о 16:11

Denis wanted to leave the TOT, and he did before he turned 18. The Ministry of Reintegration and the Ukrainian Child Rights Network helped him return to government-controlled territory. 

He’s an orphan. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, he has been living in the Zaporizhzhia region under a neighbor’s supervision and looking for a way out.

Denis’s aunt called the Ministry of Reintegration to ask for help getting her nephew out of the occupied city.

Now Denis will be under her care.

The Ukrainian Child Rights Network will provide the boy with social and psychological assistance and necessities.

Denis will soon go to a rehab camp in Truskavets. There, he’ll get help to recover and spend time with others.

If you see children being taken to the TOT or russia, report it to Natalia Yemets on (050) 562-03-13.

Call the hotlines: Ministry of Reintegration: 15-48; National Information Bureau: 16-48.