All procedures must be in place to evacuate civilians from the border to Kharkiv

Опубліковано 17 May 2024 року, о 19:54

This matter was addressed at a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for the mandatory evacuation of the population under martial law, chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk. The meeting was held on May 15 in Kharkiv.

We are informing the population by all means of communication. We collect information on people who have stayed in dangerous areas and those who have left for safe areas. This includes those who left by private transport or with the help of volunteer organizations.

Over 500 people are helping with the evacuation. Volunteers used more than 50 vehicles to evacuate people. 19 special vehicles for people with disabilities. The National Police and State Emergency Service also sent special equipment.

The Kharkiv humanitarian hub provides medical and psychological help, food, and temporary shelter. The evacuees are then offered temporary accommodation in dormitories.

The Vice Prime Minister thanked everyone who helped evacuate civilians from the border areas to Kharkiv.