The TOT, active combat areas, and abroad will see significant changes for male students

Опубліковано 24 May 2024 року, о 12:26

This was discussed at a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for the De-occupied Territories chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.

The question is about students who study online in Ukraine while abroad, in areas of conflict, and can’t come to register for military service.

By the Vice Prime Minister’s protocol instruction, the Ministry of Education and Science has prepared a draft Cabinet of Ministers resolution, ‘On Amendments to Clause 34 of the Procedure for Organising and Maintaining Military Records of Conscripts, Persons Liable for Military Service and Reservists’.

The document outlines the plan to postpone the submission of military registration documents by such students to educational institutions until either martial law is lifted or the student arrives in government-controlled territory.

The draft resolution has now been sent to the central executive authorities for approval. Once the coordination process is complete, the document will be sent to the Ministry of Justice for approval.

The Vice Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Education for their invaluable contributions and support of students studying in Ukrainian institutions.