The functioning of temporary accommodation facilities for IDPs has improved

Опубліковано 30 May 2024 року, о 17:16

The government has made some changes to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 930 of 1 September 2023, which deals with some issues around temporary accommodation for internally displaced persons.

The Ministry of Reintegration wrote the draft resolution.

The changes include:

  1. The deadline for making premises comply with the minimum requirements has been extended to 1 January 2025.
  2. In the absence of identity documents, IDPs will now be permitted to settle for 60 days. Previously, this period was 30 days.
  3. Non-residential premises can now be made available for the temporary residence of IDPs. For example, hotels and hostels.
  4. If a place of temporary residence has undergone renovation at the expense of international donors, such a PTR should be included on the PTR list. This will prevent the unjustified eviction of IDPs from the PTR.

The Government’s decision will help to safeguard the rights of internally displaced persons.