Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has launched a portal containing information on russian and belarusian officials involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children

Опубліковано 4 June 2024 року, о 17:56

A separate section, “Child Abductors,” has been created on the special website, “War and Sanctions,” of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. The section contains a list of individuals involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children, according to the website.

The database currently contains information on over 200 officials from Russia and Belarus who made decisions regarding the illegal removal of Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. It also contains data on members of “re-educational” youth organizations, russian educational and cultural institutions involved in the deportation processes.

This section of the portal contains information on people who have been involved in the abduction of children. It also contains scanned copies of documents confirming the deportation of children.

The portal helps investigators work faster and catch criminals.

The portal also has sections on sanctions against russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

Use the portal to visit the Child Kidnappers section.