Iryna Vereshchuk attends a veterans’ event in Vinnytsia

Опубліковано 7 June 2024 року, о 13:06

The third All-Ukrainian Dialogue, “Communities to Veterans,” takes place in Vinnytsia.

The event is all about getting veterans and communities talking to each other and putting veteran policies into practice at the community level.

The participants also talked about how to help the community grow, with a focus on the needs of veterans and their families. They also discussed the introduction of a new veteran support specialist in the communities.

The Vice Prime Minister thanked Oksana Kolyada, the project director of the Space of Opportunities NGO, for putting together the event.

Iryna Vereshchuk also mentioned the big help the International Renaissance Foundation, IREX, the International Organization for Migration, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have given in supporting veterans’ work.

The Vice Prime Minister highlighted the importance of communities in implementing veterans’ policy. She also stressed the importance of working together with the government, communities, veterans’ organizations, and international donors.

“We’re here to help our veterans and their families get the results they need.” “They deserve a better life, and they deserve it,” said Iryna Vereshchuk.