Beware! Scammers are active on social media

Опубліковано 10 June 2024 року, о 11:57

Fraudsters are misleading relatives and friends of our defenders. They create fake social media pages, add real photos, and sometimes call and ask for money.

The POW Coordination Headquarters warns against this.

What can I do to avoid getting scammed?

Don’t give out your contact info to strangers or fill out forms on unknown social media or websites. If an attacker doesn’t know you, they won’t bother you.

Don’t believe strangers on the Internet who say they can find your relatives or provide other services.

The Coordination Headquarters says many fraudsters are being investigated. Citizens’ reports helped make this possible. You can report fraud by contacting law enforcement or the Coordination Center.

Just a heads-up: The search for your loved one is carried out by professionals at state-authorized bodies, and it’s free of charge.

Please be advised that the NIB can be contacted via the hotline at 16-48 or (044) 287-81-65 (for calls from abroad) to provide information about a person in enemy captivity.