The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law on Ukraine withdrawing from the russia agreement due to its violation of international law

Опубліковано 14 June 2024 року, о 15:00

This is the 1993 Agreement on Priority Measures for the Protection of Victims of Armed Conflicts. CIS countries, including Ukraine and russia, signed it.

The document states that the participating states have agreed to cooperate to prevent human rights violations and international humanitarian law (IHL) in the regions of armed conflicts in the former Soviet Union.

Russia is in clear violation of the laws of war (IHL) on Ukrainian territory. In particular, there have been deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure and civilian populations.

The Ministry of Reintegration has prepared a bill outlining Ukraine’s withdrawal from the agreement. The ministry’s remit includes formulating and implementing state policy on compliance with IHL on the territory of Ukraine.

The draft law will now be sent to the Verkhovna Rada.