The owners of housing that was destroyed in the TOT will be able to apply to the International Register of Damage through the Diia

Опубліковано 27 June 2024 року, о 17:41

People who’ve been forced to leave their homes because of the TOT or the war zone can apply to the International Register of Damage through the Diia app, according to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The data from the Register will be used to calculate the reparations that russia must pay to the owners of the destroyed property.

It’s worth mentioning that anyone whose housing has been damaged or destroyed, including those who have:

– Accommodation in the temporarily occupied territories or the area of hostilities.

– It isn’t registered in the State Register of Property Rights.

– They didn’t get a certificate from the local authorities to inspect the damaged property, and they didn’t apply for the eRecovery program.

The service is in beta mode. After testing, it will be available to everyone. Join the test by following the link.

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk recently held a meeting and told the Ministry of Justice, the State Geo-Cadastre, and other agencies to make it easier for IDPs to confirm property ownership in the TOT. This allows them to enter information about destroyed housing in the TOT into the Register of Damage.