The ninth evacuation train from the Donetsk region has arrived in the Rivne region

Опубліковано 28 June 2024 року, о 18:32

46 people (29 families) were evacuated to a safe region in Donetsk Oblast, including 6 children, 17 women (1 pregnant), 4 people with limited mobility, and 2 people with disabilities.

A reception center was set up at the railway station. The State Emergency Service and the police were on hand to help evacuees get off the train and collect their belongings, and ambulances were there to provide medical support.

Internally Displaced Persons received lunch boxes and hygiene kits, and could seek psychological and legal assistance.

When they got there, the IDPs got evacuation payments and were put up in host communities.

Evacuation is free. Contact your local authorities or call the hotline for all communities at (098) 890-33-18 to make an appointment.

For the evacuation of the seriously ill and disabled, call: 0800 332 614, (099) 710-48-72, (099) 311-53-14, (096) 108-60-48, (099) 311-53-36.

To leave the frontline areas, call the Ministry of Reintegration at 15-48. For WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber messages, call (096) 078-84-33.