IDPs from Druzhkivka started a rehab center to help the military

Опубліковано 29 June 2024 року, о 14:12

Before the full-scale invasion, Maksym and Valeriia Sadovenko lived in Donetsk Oblast. Maksym worked at a local center for people with disabilities.

When the fighting started, they had to leave Druzhkivka and find a new place to live. They chose Poltava, where they could start over.

In their new city, the couple opened a rehab center. They used their experience to help people get better.

The facility is now fully operational and provides volunteer assistance to wounded soldiers. It treats a variety of injuries, from serious wounds to back injuries.

In their new location, Maksym and Valeriia began anew and achieved success.

We love what we do. Seeing the results, hearing feedback, and knowing someone has improved is what motivates us,” Valeria said.