The Accounting Chamber of Ukraine took a look at the program for preferential housing loans for IDPs

Опубліковано 4 July 2024 року, о 15:36

At a recent meeting of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, the audit of the project on preferential mortgage lending to IDPs was approved.

The Ministry of Reintegration and the State Agency for Youth and Sports are implementing the project with German government support.

The Accounting Chamber met with Kyrylo Dombrovsky, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Reintegration. Dombrovsky reported on how the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine’s recommendations were being implemented to improve the project.

The government supports the Ministry of Reintegration’s amendments to the Procedures, approved by the Government Resolution No. 451 of April 28, 2021. They concern the use of state budget funds for the program “Provision of preferential mortgage loans to internally displaced persons” and preferential mortgage lending to IDPs at the expense of KfW grants.

The Accounting Chamber said the IDP mortgage lending project is unique for Ukraine because of the low interest rate. The average monthly loan payment is about the same as the average monthly rent.