The e-Map for veterans currently includes over 9,000 services

Опубліковано 4 July 2024 року, о 10:06

This electronic map of services for war veterans provides information on organizations that provide psychological support, medical care, and other services. It also includes information on the development of veterans’ associations and veterans’ entrepreneurial initiatives.

The operational functionality of such a card was deliberated at a meeting on veterans’ policy, chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.

On the e-Map, you can find services in your area using your smartphone or computer.

Almost 9,500 services have been added, but the content of the sections by regions, districts, communities, and representatives of public and private businesses is still being added.

The e-Map includes information on financial and humanitarian aid, employment, housing, medical programs, prosthetics, mental health support, adaptive sports, and leisure.

We keep analyzing how we can help veterans and what they can do in their communities.

The Ministry of Veterans and the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine are implementing this initiative.

Further information on the service, including instructions on how to use it, can be found here.