Office of Communication and Press

The Office of Communication and Press consists of two departments:

  • Information and Media Relations Department
  • Department for preparation of information projects and public relations

The main tasks of the Office of Communication and Press are:

  • informing the people about the Ministry’s activities, implementing external communications activities, and liaising and interacting with the media;
  • providing, within the scope of competence, information and graphic materials for the sections and headings of the official website and official pages of the Ministry in social networks;
  • providing information support for the fulfillment of the Ministry’s tasks, organizing and conducting information campaigns in the area of the Ministry’s activities;
  • reviewing, in accordance with the established procedure, applications from foreign correspondents for the purpose of submitting an application to the SMS of Ukraine for issuance or extension of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • organizing and holding press conferences, briefings, meetings on specific topics with journalists, accreditation of journalists;
  • coordination of interviews with the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Minister), Deputy Ministers and heads of structural units of the Ministry;
  • organizing the preparation and holding of public events of the Ministry with the involvement of the public and the media.