Department for Crisis Response

The Department for Crisis Response consists of five divisions and a sector:

  • Crisis Management Department
  • Call Center Coordination Department
  • Department for Relations with Citizens in Crisis Situations
  • Infrastructure Restoration Department
  • Department for Deportees
  • Humanitarian Demining Sector

The main task of the Department for Crisis Response is to participate in the development and implementation of state policy on:

  • compliance with international humanitarian law throughout Ukraine;
  • protection of the rights and freedoms of persons violated as a result of the temporary occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine or loss of control over a part of it;
  • coordination of activities to provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population during the armed conflict;
  • coordination of measures to organize humanitarian corridors to ensure the safe transit of humanitarian aid to the temporarily occupied territory and/or provide medical assistance to the civilian population and the wounded in the temporarily occupied territory and/or evacuate the civilian population, the wounded and the dead from the temporarily occupied territory;
  • implementation of mine action measures.

The main task of the Crisis Management Department is to coordinate activities aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to civilians during the armed conflict.

The main task of the Call Center Coordination Department is to:

  • ensure the sustainable round-the-clock operation of the Ministry’s crisis hotline 15-48 (hereinafter – the call center), the hotline of the Commissioner for Internally Displaced Persons, the Commissioner for Persons Missing in Special Circumstances by means of telephony and other hotlines organized on the basis of the Ministry by means of other telecommunication means;
  • analyse calls received by the call center in terms of socio-economic issues that require immediate resolution and providing suggestions.

The main tasks of the Department for Relations with Citizens in Crisis Situations are:

  • organizing and ensuring processing of appeals received by the Division and the Department;
  • developing proposals based on the results of their consideration (processing) for the purpose of formulating state policy (determining areas of work).

The main task of the Infrastructure Restoration Department is to organize work on strategic planning for the restoration of the infrastructure of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and the adjacent territories.

The main task of the Department for Deportees is to organize and coordinate measures for the return to the territory of Ukraine, where the state authorities exercise their powers in full, of Ukrainian citizens, including children, forcibly displaced (deported) to the temporarily occupied territory or to the territory of the Russian Federation and other states, as well as to take measures to ensure the protection of the rights of persons deported on ethnic grounds.

The main tasks of the Humanitarian Demining Sector are:

  • coordination, collection, summary and analysis of information on persons affected by explosive hazards and participation in measures to provide such persons and their families with medical, psychological, professional and social assistance;
  • participation in ensuring the functioning of the information management system in the field of mine action;
  • coordination and implementation of measures to inform the public about the risks associated with explosive devices;
  • transfer of permanent systems for marking dangerous areas contaminated with explosive ordnance to the communities of the de-occupied territories.