Government hotlines help. Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health currently has 3 hotlines that citizens can call to get information on current issues.

Round-the-clock contact center of the Ministry of Health – 0 800 60 20 19

During the martial law, the national contact center of the Ministry of Health provides free medical advice. In particular, Ukrainians can get an answer to any healthcare question, such as:

how to find the necessary medicines;

how to extend the validity of a disability certificate;

how to download a COVID certificate.

Volunteer doctors also provide free online consultations on the hotline. The Ministry of Healthcare’s contact center employs 48 medical professionals of various specialties who can provide advice and recommendations.

The Ministry of Health hotline is 0 800 505 201

The hotline of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine continues to operate under martial law. Operators answer the most common healthcare questions daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

NHSU information service – 16 77

The operators of the National Health Service of Ukraine Information and Reference Service provide advisory and service support (Monday-Thursday – 9.00-18.00, Friday – 9.00-16.45) on the exercise of citizens’ rights regarding medical care under the medical guarantees program.

The number 16 77 can be called for:

Service support for contracted healthcare facilities on reporting, work with the EHR, conclusion of agreements, etc.

Information support for the state program Affordable Medicines, prescriptions, and medical certificates of temporary disability within the competence of the NHSU.

Provision of explanations on the scope of free services, addresses of primary care, ambulance, and pharmacies with which contracts have been concluded under the state program of medical guarantees.