Schedule of the hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration 1548

Due to the difficult situation in our country caused by the aggression and full-scale war with Russia, the Ministry of Reintegration has set up a round-the-clock hotline to coordinate efforts to provide assistance to citizens, central and local executive authorities and local governments.

The Hotline is operated by the team of the Ministry of Reintegration, which answers questions about:

  1. Evacuation of civilians to safe areas.
  2. Notification of places and times of gathering.
  3. Route of movement within humanitarian corridors.
  4. Places of arrival and organized provision of first aid to evacuees.

In addition, through the hotline, our employees receive information about the settlements where citizens need humanitarian assistance or evacuation to further create new ones or make changes to the system of existing humanitarian corridors.

All calls are recorded, processed and summarized to pass the information on to the relevant authorities.

Citizens can call a single number 1548.