Avoid participating in pseudo-referendums, do not help the occupiers to legalize their lawlessness!

The so-called “referendums” that the occupation authorities are trying to hold these days on some Ukrainian territories will never be recognized by Ukraine or the international community. This worthless vote violates the Constitution of Ukraine, international law, in particular the UN Charter, and all common sense.

“I strongly recommend you to avoid any contact with the occupiers. Please, do not go, ignore such events, do not participate in the precinct commissions. Those who participate in the preparation and holding of pseudo-referendums face criminal liability,” warns Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

In order to avoid participation in the “referendum” that the occupiers are trying to hold, one should follow the following algorithm:

  1. If you find out that people may come to your house with ballot boxes or force you to go to a polling station, try to change your place of residence for those days.
  2. If you receive a letter or a phone call, do not respond and do not disclose your information. The enemy can use your personal data to falsify the lists and create the “image” of attendance.
  3. Do you know of any facts of coercion or pressure on Ukrainian citizens by the occupiers? Please call us to report it:

SSU hotline: 0 800 501 482 (information is confidential);

Hotline of the National Police of Ukraine: 0 800 50 0202.

Also call the hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration (for TOT and from abroad): +38 (096) 078 84 33.

The Ministry of Reintegration warns that anyone who voluntarily participates in the preparation of pseudo-referendums or cooperates with the occupiers will be brought to criminal responsibility.