It is possible to avoid participation in pseudo-referendums: tips from the Ministry of Reintegration

The Ministry of Reintegration’s hotline has received many calls from residents of the temporarily occupied territories asking how to avoid participating in pseudo-referendums and not get into the enemy army.

One of them came from the wife of a rescuer from Enerhodar. She said that her husband and his colleagues are patriots, and in no way are they going to cooperate with the invaders. They are staying in the city to the very end because the specifics of their service requires it. On the other hand, the occupiers have banned leaving the city. People do not know what to do.

The Ministry of Reintegration is reminding: any decision that will record the results of pseudo-referendums is null and void. Try not to take part in them and use all available means to prevent the organizing of such referendums. Don’t help the Russians create even the slightest illusion of legitimacy for such “events.” Remember that active participation in them will be a crime, and the participants will be punished.

It is also important to remember that all citizens of Ukraine who are not involved in hostilities and are on the TOT are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of August 12, 1949. It stipulates that the Occupying Power has no right to compel protected persons to serve in its military or other forces.

The occupiers are prohibited from demanding any change in the staff or structure of medical organizations and civil protection institutions that could negatively affect their humanitarian activities.

However, Russia neglects its obligations under international humanitarian law, so the only way to protect yourself is to leave the temporarily occupied territories.

You can inform about yourself and violations of your rights by calling:

  1. The SSU hotline: 0 800 501 482 (information is confidential);
  2. Hotline of the National Police of Ukraine: 0 800 50 0202.