Regional Centers of the Office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons have started their work

In particular, the Zaporizhzhia Coordination Center of the Ombudsman’s Office has already started receiving citizens. They process search requests and keep in touch with relatives.

The Commissioner for Missing Persons Oleh Kotenko paid a working visit to the Center. He talked to representatives of the Center and relatives of the missing persons.

“Keeping in touch with relatives is very important. Firstly, people need to feel supported. And our task is not to leave them alone in their trouble. Secondly, relatives are the best searchers. They can collect a lot of information from various sources, which further helps us to speed up the search. Feedback from them is a key responsibility of our regional offices. These local centers will allow us to work more productively and quickly, and to attract all possible resources. Together we will find everyone,” emphasized Oleh Kotenko.

You can contact the regional coordinators directly by calling the numbers listed in the infographic or through the hotline: 0 800 339 247. On weekends, messages are accepted in Viber and Telegram by phone: (095) 896-04-21. You can also report missing persons directly to the Commissioner: (099) 792-01-26.