You are forcibly mobilized to the enemy army: what to do?

Unable to resist the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the enemy is trying to recruit more and more of our fellow citizens from the temporarily occupied territories. There is a constant forced mobilization there.

“We continue to collect data on the forced mobilization of TOT residents. If you witnessed or became a victim of illegal actions of the enemy, do not hesitate to report it to the hotline of the National Information Bureau. You can also report it through the chatbot and the form on the website. The appeals we receive are not open to the public. We maintain absolute confidentiality of each person. Anyone involved in war crimes will be punished!” emphasized Oleksandr Smyrnov, head of the National Information Bureau.

Remember, residents of the temporarily occupied territories who voluntarily join the Russian Armed Forces violate Ukrainian law and will be severely punished according to the letter of the law.