We plan to open humanitarian corridors in Chernihiv and Kherson regions – Iryna Vereshchuk

Опубліковано 25 March 2022 року, о 16:33

In the ether of UA Pershiy TV channel, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk spoke about the upcoming plans to organize humanitarian corridors through which civilians can be evacuated from combat zones.

Yes, one of these days it is planned to open new humanitarian corridors in Kyiv region, because there are settlements where it has not yet been possible to reach with such a mission. Also on the agenda is the organization of corridors in Chernihiv and Kherson regions.

“Tomorrow, United Nation representatives promise to agree with the russians opening of humanitarian corridors for cars to deliver food and medicine. Let’s see how this corridor will work. After all, we have not yet managed to agree on routes to Kherson”, – outlines the head of the Ministry of Reintegration in the near future.

Regarding the results of humanitarian corridors in other areas, Iryna Vereshchuk noted the successful work in the Sumy region. In total, more than 100,000 people were able to leave Sumy Region, and humanitarian goods are arriving there.

“But the situation with Chernihiv region is much worse, but our help also gets there, however, centralized evacuation has never been carried out there. But people found an opportunity to escape. It is also very difficult in Kharkiv region. It is impossible to enter from Izyum through the destroyed bridge – on the Izyum-Lozova route, it is already closed. Therefore, it will be difficult to agree on the Kharkiv corridor for tomorrow as well, the Deputy Prime Minister concluded”.