“It’s not time to relax. We have not won yet,” Anastasia Bytko and Yulia Didkivska, Kyiv

Опубліковано 16 October 2022 року, о 14:45

The’ve known each other for years. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the girls had to evacuate Kyiv with their families. Finding themselves in an unfamiliar city, having experienced the first shock, the friends decided to help people like themselves: women who were left without jobs.

Yulia and Nastia chose the handmade business: knitted socks made by Ukrainian women. The girls found investors and this is how the Vilni project was born.

“As a rule, handmade manufacturers receive payment upon sale,” says Anastasiia, “but the situation in the country required quick help for those in need. Therefore, the main goal of our project is to give people the opportunity to get money quickly. Although, in general, this is not a business model.”

Things have gone up. More than 50 women have gone through the Vilni project. Abroad, their products are bought up at a price of several tens of euros per pair.

Each Vilni product has a QR code with the story of the person who made it. These are mostly stories about how the war affected women’s lives.

Now Yulia and Nastia dream of victory and realize that there is still a lot of work ahead. But any goal is achievable if you believe in your work.

You can buy “Vilni” socks by following the link or ordering by phone: 099 155 1624.