One more story about the happy return of a Ukrainian child

Опубліковано 12 June 2023 року, о 19:53

In April of this year, Anastasia contacted the Ministry of Reintegration with a request to help return her 14-year-old brother Pavlo from the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk Oblast. At one time, she moved from Lysychansk to Dnipro. Her brother stayed in the temporarily occupied territory.

It turned out that the boy had recently become an orphan. He was placed in an orphanage in Luhansk.

Anastasia found out about it and decided to take him away as soon as possible. She applied for custody according to the simplified procedure that is in effect in Ukraine during the period of martial law.

Recently, Anastasia and Pavlo returned to Ukraine together. In total, the entire return process took about a month. Together they had to overcome a difficult path. But the family reunion was worth it.

The Ministry of Reintegration expresses sincere gratitude to “The Ukrainian Child Rights Network” for its assistance in returning another Ukrainian child.

We remind you: if you witness the illegal transfer of children to the temporarily occupied territory or the territory of the russian federation, be sure to report it to the specialized specialist of the Ministry of Reintegration Natalia Yemets by phone:  (050) 562-03-13.

You can also call the hotline of the National Information Center 16-48.