International Center for Investigation of Aggression Crimes Against Ukraine opens in The Hague

Опубліковано 3 July 2023 року, о 20:01

The International Correctional and Prison Association of Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA) began its work in the Dutch city of The Hague.  It includes representatives of Ukraine, the EU, the United States and the International Criminal Court.

In March 2023, during the United for Justice conference in Lviv, the decision was made to launch the ICPA. At that time, the Prosecutors General of the Member States of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) signed an Annex to the Agreement on the Establishment of the International Center for the Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression against Ukraine on the Basis of Eurojust.

The Center will collect and analyze evidence for future litigation at the national and international levels. Under the ICPA, prosecutors will build cases to prosecute the crime of aggression. The evidence is stored in a central location in a secure place.