Business Support in the Occupied Territories: New Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies

Опубліковано 2 August 2023 року, о 13:07

Expanded support for businesses operating in the Occupied Territories. New opportunities have been created for the “Processing” grant program to create processing businesses.


Soon, companies registered, operating, or planning to operate in the liberated areas will receive grants to develop their processing facilities. And a portion of the grantees’ contributions can be reimbursed from local budgets.


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine already adopted the corresponding decision.


Such subsidies are granted to enterprises operating in the territories included in the list of territories where fighting took place and for which the date of cessation of hostilities or temporary occupation has been determined, and approved by order of the Ministry of Reintegration.


To receive grants, such companies have simplified conditions: to win the competition, applicants must score between 20 and 50 points during the evaluation of applications (for all others, the score remains at the level of 30 to 50 points).


In addition, in the event of tied scores, preference will be given to companies operating in the de-occupied territories. They cover up to 80% of the costs of projects initiated by entrepreneurs.


An important innovation is the possibility of compensation from local budgets or other stakeholders for up to 50% (up to 75% in liberated areas) of the funds to be paid by grant recipients.


To learn more about other changes to the process for awarding grants for the establishment, or development of manufacturing businesses, please follow the link.


We remind you that the “Processing” program for the development of processing enterprises is part of the government’s eRobota project.