How to cope with stress: effective self-help techniques

Опубліковано 21 August 2023 року, о 15:09

Stress helps people adapt to emergencies, but sometimes it can be exhausting and prevent them from acting rationally. As part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program “How are you?” initiated by Olena Zelenska, recommendations have been developed to help you quickly overcome stress and calm down.


Exercises that can help:


– “Shake off the stress”


Lift your foot up and actively shake it as if you had something stuck to the sole of your foot. Do the same with your other leg and then your arms. As you do this, imagine that you are releasing all the accumulated negativity. Repeat several times.


– “Relaxation technique: slow breathing”


Close your eyes. Feel the ground with your feet. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose, counting to three. Bring the air to the base of your lungs. Exhale slowly through your mouth, counting to six. Repeat at least 4 times.


– “Stone”


Clench your fists as if they were two pebbles. Hold for 7-10 seconds and relax. Repeat with your entire body. Notice if any individual muscles remain tense. If so, do the exercise specifically with them. Try to feel a wave of relaxation moving through your body.