The number of apartments for the evacuated population of Zaporizhzhia has increased

Опубліковано 31 August 2023 року, о 12:42

In the rural community of Shyrokivska, Zaporizhzhia region, some premises of the local general practitioner’s clinic were adapted to house IDPs. They have already completed repairs and are ready to provide shelter to people who have lost their homes in the fighting. The regional military administration in Zaporizhzhia reported. 

As part of the reconstruction, the roof was rebuilt, communication and power lines were replaced, and alternative heating was installed. All measures to improve the living conditions of the IDPs in the region are being carried out under the supervision of the head of the regional military administration, Yuriy Malashko.

The repairs took 8 months. About 8 million UAH were allocated from the budget of Shyrokivska rural municipality for 2 years.

The apartment has a children’s room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. They are equipped with furniture, appliances, and everything for a comfortable life.

The location of the new IDP shelter in an outpatient clinic has a significant advantage. Its residents, including the elderly, the disabled, and those with limited mobility, will be able to receive medical care. This includes: Seeing your family doctor or psychologist whenever it’s convenient for you.

The first families evacuated from the danger zone to the Zaporizhzhia district are already settling in.