Lviv Municipality joins support for agricultural processing enterprises

Опубліковано 4 September 2023 року, о 15:07

As part of the government’s eRobota program, local communities have begun co-financing a government grant program to encourage the development of processing businesses.  In Lviv, the city government has allocated 17 million UAH to compensate companies that set up processing plants. The Ministry of Economy reports.

The local government will co-finance the percentage that the company has to invest. According to the terms of the program, half of the funding is provided by the government and the remaining by the entrepreneur.

Vouchers to help businesses cover their share will be issued in Lviv. The amount of the voucher varies from 80 thousand to 2 million UAH, depending on the number of new jobs created.

The program allows entrepreneurs to apply for grants to develop processing facilities and create jobs in the de-occupied territories.  In such cases, enterprises in the field of recycling can receive a state grant of up to 8 million UAH and cover 80% of the project costs. The condition for receiving the funds is the creation of up to 25 jobs.

In this way, the government is promoting the rehabilitation and development of de-occupied areas that suffered during the war. The program is aimed at returning people, providing them with employment opportunities, and creating a favorable business climate.