Exercise and emotional aid are helpful techniques for the mental well-being of Ukrainians

Опубліковано 25 September 2023 року, о 17:34

On September 22, a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.

During the meeting, they discussed the progress of a top project from the All-Ukrainian program, “How are you?”.

They talked about making Youth Centers and Active Parks for Healthy Ukraine as a section of a social project. In 750 territorial communities of Ukraine, it has already been implemented.

Training relevant specialists, including coordinators, is essential for implementing such an initiative. Their active participation makes it possible to attract people from all walks of life to the events.

This year, 506 social project coordinators have learned first-aid skills through training.

The group agreed that the implementation of the plan involves the dissemination and organization of recreational activities for all types of citizens, including people with disabilities and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

According to the Vice Prime Minister, the development of such a program is extremely important because it is impossible to support mental health without supporting physical health.

The project also plans to strengthen the capacity of youth centers. This will allow them to help young people, including training young workers in first aid.