In September, the Ministry of Reintegration hotlines received nearly 45 thousand requests

Опубліковано 5 October 2023 року, о 10:24

This involves contacting the crisis hotline, the hotline for IDPs, and the hotline for missing persons.


The crisis hotline operators dealt with nearly 15,000 calls in September.  During this time, they addressed over 1,500 requests received through messaging.


Over the last month, the Ministry of Reintegration call center received approximately 9,000 calls on the IDP Commissioner hotline.


In September, the Missing Persons Commissioner hotline received over 19 thousand requests for assistance. Of these, over 8,000 phone calls and nearly 11,000 messages were sent through messaging apps.

As a reminder, you can call the Crisis Response Hotline at number: 15-48 or message via WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber at (096) 078-84-33.


Contact the IDP Commissioner’s hotline at (066) 813-62-39 by phone.


The function of missing persons was transferred from the Ministry of Reintegration to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense, and the Coordination Center for the Treatment of Prisoners of War. On October 1, the Ministry of Internal Affairs created a hotline for the Commissioner who deals with missing persons in special circumstances. You can reach the hotline at 0 800 103 333.