A regular meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for Ensuring the Departure of Ukrainian Citizens from the Temporarily Occupied Territories was held

Опубліковано 19 October 2023 року, о 10:56

During the meeting, the participants discussed several regulatory acts. Draft changes to Cabinet Resolution No. 678 are proposed to include a process for the State Enterprise “Document” to accept application forms and documents from those seeking their first Ukrainian passport after turning 18 while residing overseas.

The meeting attendees were provided with an update on the progress of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine’s draft resolution regarding “Amendments to the Procedure for Issuing and Issuing a Personal Identity Card for Returning to Ukraine”. The changes allow foreign embassies to remotely verify someone’s identity via video call when providing a document confirming the person’s return to Ukraine. 

Furthermore, the Foreign Office was directed to complete the task of presenting proposed changes to the “State Voter Register Law” to the Cabinet. Diplomatic missions can obtain personal details of Ukrainian citizens from the State Voter Register with this update. It also improves the process of identifying someone when issuing a certificate for returning to Ukraine or a foreign passport.