Up to $15 billion needed for Ukraine’s rapid recovery program

Опубліковано 19 October 2023 року, о 11:15

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shmyhal, spoke about this topic during a one-hour session of questions to the Government in the Verkhovna Rada.  This year, only some of the requirements received funding. The remaining costs will be transferred to 2024. 

The Multilateral Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine reformatted its work, among other things. The committee in charge now includes allies from the G7 and the European Union. 

One of the priority tasks of the platform this year and next year is to secure funding for the restoration project. In 2023, the sum of 62.3 billion UAH from the Fund for the Repair of the Consequences of Armed Aggression will be allocated for these purposes. 

The funds were allocated in particular for work on energy facilities, construction of water pipelines, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities, a pilot project for the comprehensive rehabilitation of six settlements, as well as to local budgets for the implementation of projects in the social sphere, housing, and municipal services. 

At the same time, we are working with our partners to fill the Fund for Eliminating the Results of Armed Aggression with russian assets that were confiscated.

Ukraine is currently carrying out the government’s eRecovery plan. This program has received 4.4 billion UAH in funds. As of now, 16,000 Ukrainian households have been granted consent for home renovation payments.