Report on six months of work of the Coordination Center for IDPs

Опубліковано 24 October 2023 року, о 9:05

The Government set up the Coordination Center on April 18, 2023, to secure the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons. Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk leads the Coordination Center.

Representatives from various organizations attend its meetings, including central executive authorities, regional and city military administrations in Kyiv, and international and non-governmental organizations.

This center coordinates the social protection needs of those forced to leave their homes, helps them find jobs, and helps them integrate into their host communities.

The government passed several resolutions based on the findings of the IDP’s Coordination Center’s efforts. Particularly:

– “On Coordination Centers for Civilian Support”;
– “Challenges in assisting internally displaced persons”;
– “Approval of Model Regulation for Council on Internally Displaced Persons”;
– “Challenges in the functioning of places of temporary residence of internally displaced persons”.

Civilian Support Coordination Centers and IDP Councils have been established in all Regional Military Administrations (RMAs) to implement these decisions. Additionally, we are currently developing Councils and Coordination Centers at the district and local government levels.

Thanks to the work of the IDP Coordination Headquarters, twenty-two regional authorities have endorsed comprehensive programs to support people displaced within their own countries.

We remind you that if you have any questions, displaced individuals can call the Ministry of Reintegration hotline at 15-48 or the Commissioner for IDPs hotline at (066) 813-62-39.