“We stay active and do a lot,” Anastasia Zakrevska, Donetsk

Опубліковано 13 November 2023 року, о 9:29

Anastasia Zakrevska has been making cakes, desserts, and other treats for over 10 years. When she lived in Donetsk with her family, she took maternity leave with her child. However, she couldn’t remain out of work for very long. She began baking made to order cakes, pastries and cookies that were very popular at children’s birthday parties.

Anastasia and her family left Donetsk in 2014, when the aggression against Ukraine began, leaving everything – their flat, their car, their former life – behind. In a new city Dnipro, she had to start her life all over again and overcome many difficulties, but she found the strength to do what she loved.

After working for a few years, Anastasia started her own coffee and pastry store.

Today, they are raising funds to support the military, “hanging coffee” for our defenders, and baking delicious gingerbread with patriotic symbols.

You can enjoy hot coffee at the café. It also gives residents a place to recharge their batteries during power outages. The café previously served as a place to provide food and warmth to rescue workers after enemy attacks, allowing them to recover and rest.