The defense and security sector is crucial for restoring the power of the state in the previously captured territories

Опубліковано 6 December 2023 року, о 15:58

On instructions from Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, the Ministry of Reintegration, along with other ministries, regional military administrations, and interested agencies, is devising a plan to regenerate state power and reintegrate the inhabitants of the DOTs. We are also working on an action plan for its implementation.

Key departments are already developing their plans. However, security and defense are the top priorities in the territories that have been regained.

This topic was talked about at the meeting for the Government’s plan to restore state power and reintegrate the DOT population.

At the meeting, law enforcement representatives stressed the importance of creating a distinct security and defense unit and incorporating it into the Government’s comprehensive strategy.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is in charge of maintaining public safety and civil defense. They oversee migration, border control, law enforcement, the State Emergency Service, and the National Guard.

The Strategy aims to help bring back the population to the DOT, reduce the negative consequences of russia’s armed aggression on the civilian population, and ensure the full restoration of state authority in the liberated territories.

“The state must guarantee the safety and defense of citizens at the DOT. That is why we need a vision of how this sector will work immediately after the de-occupation of all Ukrainian territories,” the Vice Prime Minister emphasized.