The Ministry of Reintegration’s 15-48 hotline received over 550,000 calls in 11 months

Опубліковано 12 December 2023 року, о 18:57

From January to November this year, the operators of the 24-hour crisis hotline 15-48 received 553,531 calls.

Citizens most often contacted the Ministry of Reintegration call center with questions about registration and payment of state assistance to IDPs (37% of calls). 31% of appeals concerned missing persons (until September 2023, the Commissioner for Missing Persons in Special Circumstances was an official of the Ministry of Reintegration).

Other most important issues include financial support from international organizations (7.5%), receiving humanitarian aid (3.5%), and obtaining phone numbers of other institutions, organizations, and volunteers (2.5%).

During this time the largest number of appeals came from Kharkiv region (15.79%), Kyiv city (13.04%), Lviv (9.25%), Dnipro (8.28%), Odesa (7.87%), Kyiv (5.51%) and Poltava (5.06%) regions.

The 15-48 hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration was launched in July 2022. From that time until December 1, 2023, 836,492 calls were received.