Focus resources on supporting the most vulnerable categories of the population

Опубліковано 18 December 2023 року, о 11:10

During a Congress of Regional and Local Authorities meeting under the President of Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk emphasized this.

She stated that 2022 was a year of crisis response. Ukrainians successfully dealt with social and humanitarian challenges. This experience was invaluable and gave us confidence in overcoming challenges.

However, this year, we must adapt to two new factors. Firstly, the war may last longer than expected. Second, there may be fewer resources for the social and humanitarian spheres than we would like.

The Vice Prime Minister stated that we must learn to endure longer and for less pay.

“We coordinate all those involved in the social and humanitarian response. This includes government agencies, local authorities, the public sector, volunteers, and international organizations. We focus resources on priority projects without scattering attention,” emphasized the head of the Ministry of Reintegration.

In particular, it is about creating a foundation for systemic assistance to IDPs, veterans, children, and the elderly.

“Our approach is to make these projects compact, simple, and clear. We aim for quick returns and maximum involvement of international donors,” summarized Iryna Vereshchuk.