The Ministry of Reintegration received over 700,000 appeals in 2023

Опубліковано 6 January 2024 року, о 9:26

The 15-48 crisis hotline operators received approximately 249,000 calls and responded to nearly 26,000 requests received via messengers in 2023.

Citizens call the Ministry of Reintegration hotlines with questions about state aid payments for IDPs, financial assistance from international organizations, humanitarian aid, and compensation for homeowners who provided free shelter to IDPs.

By September 2023, the Commissioner’s hotline for missing persons had received over 172,000 calls, messages, and emails. Specifically, there were approximately 83,000 calls, 86,000 messages in messengers, and almost 3,000 emails.  During this period, the Commissioner for Persons Missing in Special Circumstances was an official of the Ministry of Reintegration. It is important to note this fact.

The National Information Bureau (NIB) hotline operators, under the Ministry of Reintegration, handled approximately 127,000 calls last year.

To receive immediate assistance, please contact the crisis response hotline at 15-48 or message us on WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber at (096) 078-84-33. Alternatively, you can email  [email protected].

To contact the Commissioner for IDPs hotline, call (066) 813-62-39.

To contact the NIB hotline, dial 16-48 or +38 (044) 287-81-65 (for calls from abroad).