Return of deported children discussed at international conference in Latvia

Опубліковано 2 February 2024 року, о 17:15

An international conference “russia’s War on Children” was held in Riga. The First Lady Olena Zelenska took part in the event, reports the website of the President of Ukraine.  

The conference aimed to draw the world’s attention to the abduction and forced deportation of Ukrainian children.

In her speech, Olena Zelenska pointed out that the Geneva Convention contains a provision according to which repatriation can take place to the territory of the child’s country of nationality as well as to the territory of States that are not parties to the conflict.

Therefore, the countries of the Baltic region, which are geographically close to the aggressor, can be such countries.

The First Lady stated that it is important to develop all necessary mechanisms in collaboration with international partners. Countries willing to act as facilitators should also be directly involved in this process.

Using your influence, power, and resources to save our children is a noble pursuit.