The government is expanding its network of Civilian Support Coordination Centers

Опубліковано 23 February 2024 року, о 14:43

The Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to Resolution No. 470 of May 9, 2023, today.

Coordination Centers for Civilian Support will be established at regional and Kyiv city military administrations, and district military administrations.

The Coordination Center will now include regional coordinators of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program in Ukraine.

The document allows for the creation of working groups at the Coordination Centers. An order from the head of the military administration will approve their personnel.

These changes will improve the Coordination Centers’ functionality and make it easier to interact with executive authorities, law enforcement, other state bodies, local governments, volunteer and public associations, and representative offices of international humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. To address issues of social protection, housing, and employment, provide psychosocial, medical, and legal assistance to the affected population.

The Ministry of Reintegration established a network of 996 Coordination Centers in 2023. These centers aim to coordinate assistance to the affected population, including IDPs, veterans and their families, children, and the elderly.